Welcome to Earth Tones Art. This is an online portfolio and contains much of the art that I have created. On these pages, you will find the expressions of my life. They speak of the landscape, inner and outer, they speak of suffering and redemption, and they speak of the mysterious beauty of being human. Art that is currently for sale is located in its own folder Please feel free to email me with questions.
emerald north

Artist Statement

I create form and movement through the use of color and an imaginative perception of the world around and within me. Through painting, I express my experience of the connection between my feelings, insights, the landscape, psyche and Spirit. Camping and ceremonial work in wild lands is an important part of my life and therefore my paintings of the desert, mountains, canyons, and forests reflect both my inner and outer worlds.

I feel an intense and abiding call to paint. It engages me on all levels of my being. I love the physical process of painting, the movement and the focused attention that is a meditation. Relaxing into the process, I take the tensions, conflicts, insights and loves of my life into the creative act, releasing emotional power.

I often begin a painting by choosing three colors and white. I then randomly cast them about the canvas with great energy and little thought. Next comes the looking. I scan the canvas for shapes and forms looking for what is already present and suggested. Next, I begin to work with what has been seen in the canvas to bring out the image. A conversation ensues. Often, a painting will change many times before it settles into a specific image.

EarthTones Art with Emerald North